The Foundry

Current Form


Created by: Alex Ketley,  Christian Burns and Sandra Stringer (1999)

Improvisation, video, concept, choreography, text, and music created by the company artists.

Presented by
Dancers’ Group, SF

The second part of what eventually would become a trilogy, Current Form looked at the California Coast for its initial inspiration. The piece was almost entirely created outside of traditional dance studios and was presented both in traditional theater settings as well as Gallery Spaces.



San Francisco Bay Guardian
May 1999

"By far the most intriguing is The Foundry, Alex Ketley and Christian Burns' young company (less than a year old), which does wonderfully imaginative work with video and live dance. It's newest piece, Current Form is even more fun and fascinatingly mysterious than last fall's Salt Flat Pieces. They are beautiful dancers, and there is no one else around who even comes close to their sophisticated intertwining of kinetic and visual imagery."

San Francisco Bay Guardian
May 1999

"The nice thing about being an interdisciplinary choreographer is that you can bring your performance installations to places other than dance spaces, which is just what The Foundry is doing this weekend. The extraordinary new company led by Christian Burns and Alex Ketley offers a new and, Burns adds, final version of their earlier dances Salt Flat Pieces and Current Form. The dances were performed as two separate pieces most recently at Dancers' Group's Edge Festival 1999, but now the two have become one with added sections, imagery, projections, and theatrical elements. The 5000 square feet of the JennJoy Gallery provide the backdrop for The foundry's moving and thoughtful washes, waves, and windows of dance; a treat for those who have seen the works in progress and for those who've yet to bask in their warm light."