San Francisco Conservatory of Dance

Founding Faculty Member / Resident Choreographer (2004-2019)


Alex Ketley worked closely with Summer Lee Rhatigan on the initial creation of the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. In addition to being on faculty, he served for fourteen years as the school’s Resident Choreographer and created nearly forty original works for the advanced students.

The Conservatory was designed to guide and support young people in their discovery, understanding, development, and application of the tools necessary to thrive as an artist. Stemming from a classical foundation, the school was deeply invested in learning through the engagement of contemporary choreography and current movement methodologies.

The school closed in 2018 due to the retirement of the Artistic and Executive Directors and their relocation to Europe. The school served more than 3,000 advanced students across its fourteen year history.


Stanford University

Lecturer (2013-2019)


In 2013 Alex Ketley was appointed a Lecturer in the Department of Theater and Performance Studies (TAPS) at Stanford University and has taught a number of courses that closely track his interests artistically. Some of these classes include Advanced Ballet, Dance and Disability, Hot Mess: Deliberate Failure as Practice, Choreographic Film, as well as a creating a number of performance projects for university MainStage productions.

The aims of the program are:

“The Department of Theater & Performance Studies integrates theory, criticism, and performance. Our interdisciplinary department welcomes students from across the University who want to be involved in intensive, innovative, intellectual work. We foster students' engagement with performance in multiple modes. Students in the department learn analytic skills through research-based scholarship. In collaboration with our academic mission the department produces numerous events through its creative program. Our workshops and artistic productions include canonical plays, commissioned dance works, experimental projects, and work by visiting artists. The Department serves many audiences and facilitates engaged scholarship in dance, theater, and performance.”


Other Teaching


Alex has found teaching an integral part of his research and artists process, below is a list of some of the institutions he has taught at or made new work for in an educational setting:

  • Dance Arts Faculty - Rome Italy

  • Florida State University

  • The Juilliard School

  • New York University Tisch School of Dance

  • Cal State Long Beach

  • Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

  • The Playground (NYC)

  • The LINES School

  • University of South Florida

  • Indiana University


  • University of Texas at Austin

  • North Carolina School for the Arts

  • The Blueprint Series (NYC)

  • San Diego School for the Arts

  • New Dialect

  • Perry Mansfield