After a busy spring in 2017 bringing to life the final draft of No Hero - Deep South, the final work in the trilogy, Alex went headlong into a productive summer creating work in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City. For the fall of that year he stuck close to home, building new work for the programs at the SF Conservatory of Dance, Stanford, and the LINES.

For 2018, he found great value in continuing to explore Hot Mess: Deliberate Failure as Practice, his technique exploring the value of failure as a training system, which is being further developed at Stanford University with a fantastic group of primarily untrained dancers.

In 2018 he also has a string of commissions which will bring him to Indiana, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Mexico, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

In terms of the Foundry, after the No Hero trilogy Alex spent a lot of time thinking what would be the next research project. He has decided what he'd like to explore is a new work in hospice, in collaboration with people throughout the country moving through this final transition. Details regarding this project will come as the project solidifies over the summer.