The primary focus of 2017 was bringing the final work of the No Hero Trilogy, Deep South, to the stage in a fully realized way. It was one of The Foundry's most intricate works to date. Conceptually complicated to synthesize our research in the rural South using movement, text, and footage drawn from our travels.

Across 2018 Alex changed gears and was primarily focused on commissions throughout the country. He created new work in Indianapolis, San Francisco, Tampa, Seattle, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, New York, and San Diego.

In terms of an upcoming project for the Foundry, after the No Hero trilogy Alex spent a lot of time thinking what could be the next research project. He has decided what he'd like to explore with the company is a new work in hospice, in collaboration with people throughout the country moving through this final life transition. As with all new projects, he only has instincts as to how this project will unfold, but no concrete idea. It feels consequential to place the research of a new work in the proximity of individuals engaged with the process of dying.

Research will begin in the late summer of 2019.

Outside of this Foundry project, Alex continued to work on new commissions throughout the country, as well as teaching a summer workshop for New Dialect, a three week residency at the National Choreographic Initiative, as well as a company residency and teaching at the historic Perry Mansfield where The Foundry started creating RANGE.

If you are interested in more specific details regarding upcoming projects and teaching please email Alex through the contact page on this website.