Independent Project



Created by Alex Ketley

Music: Collage by the artist Tar@JMB of Girl Talk, Daedelus, Ghislain Poirier, The Black Dog, Gil Scott-Heron

Commissioned and Danced By BNC Colorado

Premiered for their 2011 program titled Rarities and Oddities in Denver, Colorado

Alex Ketley and BNC Director Garrett Ammon were talking in a previous season about a platform or performance where it was encouraged for choreographers to do and present what was most outlandish in their interest. The program Rarities and Oddities was born from this conversation. Alex decided to costume the dancers in “panda” outfits. This was merely a device to allow himself the freedom to not think so critically about work, and let the more free and euphoric ideas come to the forefront without immediate editing and self evaluation. The work “Happiness” still retains a sense of rigor and structure, but also supposes that ecstatic happiness, and Joy, can be a profound statement in and of itself.