Independent Project

If Ever (an ocean) Relinquished


Created for Dance Works Chicago (2008)

Choreography by Alex Ketley

Music: Burial, and then various composers through the National Composer Competition

This work was created in a modular function in that it can be danced in various ways, either as a long and rigorous duet or as a group piece with multiple intertwining connections. It was also made as a vehicle to give an opportunity for emerging composers to have an avenue to work with dance. The piece was choreographed to music by burial, and then later put up on the internet without music where composers could download the piece and score it however they wanted. as the piece tours, composers are then picked from these submissions and their music is used to accompany the work.

Original Cast:

Kimberly Bleich Andre Kasten, Marc Macaranas, Rebecca Niziol, Sayiga Eugene Peabody, Donna Michelle Vaughn