The Foundry



Created for The Foundry (2007)

Choreography by: Alex Ketley and Christian Burns

Music by: Les Stuck

Video by: Anthony Discenza and Torsten burns

Lighting by: Jacob Petrie

Performed by: Alex Aetley, Hallie Hunt, Christian Burns and Chloe Felesina



Voice of Dance
May 2007

"The movement vocabulary in Imprint is the aspect that intrigues the most. In this respect, The Foundry seems indebted to everybody and nobody. You will find elements of ballet, jazz dance and contact improvisation here, and it comes at you in unpredictable sallies and feints. Torsos curl, crumple and spin out to an upright position; a dancers burrows into another’s shoulder; and she (or he) twists the newcomer around, utilizing parts of the body you never suspected would be pressed into service. In fact, Imprint looks as if it were constructed as a series of contests in a never-ending tournament. At times, one or two of the dancers recline against the walls, sitting out a particular round.

These encounters look like more than confirmations of the dancers’ dexterity. The phrasing throughout is amazingly extended and supple; the performers resemble silken threads that seem to double back on each other. And the tone, while intense, never seems combative, or even mildly hostile. A sense of teamwork, of uncommon trust, of shared goals dominates. You can’t take your eyes off them, even to glance behind their backs at the projections."