Independent Project

Kill the anthem


Created for BNC Colorado (2009)

Choreography: Alex Ketley

Music: The Knife, MGMT, The Test Icicles, the Black Keys

This work was is a euphoric piece moving off the platform of punk pop music. Alex wanted to explore huge blurting forms of expression, and liked moving through the tension that while pop music seems light frivolous and fun, that in fact when it is good there is actually a lot of underlying complexity and rigor.

Danced by: 

David Barbour, Megan Coutney, Colby Foss, Jason Franklin, James Joyner, Damien Patterson, Meredith Strathmeyer. Sarah Tallman, Elizabeth Towles, Sean Watson



Denver Post
October 2008

“Providing edgy counterpoint to the rest of the selections, San Francisco choreographer Alex Ketley culminates the program with "Kill the Anthem," a raw, intense piece with an electric, dance- club vibe. In his accented, highly kinetic choreography, set to music by the likes of English punk band Test Icicles, Ketley juxtaposes patterned synchronicity with moments in which the dancers just let loose with unfettered gyrations”