The Foundry

Terra incognita, Revisited


Created by Alex Ketley, Katie Faulkner, Manuelito Biag and Kara Davis

Music: Collage created by all the choreographers collaboratively

Commissioned by the San Francisco West Wave Festival

performed at Z-Space Project Artaud in JUly 2011


Winner of Isadora Duncan Award for Best Company Performance

Tired of the shared festival format of presenting work, the four choreographers involved in this project decided to instead just try and collide their different styles and work processes and create a single unified piece. It was an experiment and a research project primarily that ended up, as a bonus, having really interesting performance results. The work ended upfolding the process in on itself, explosing all the beautiful moments, starts and fits, frustration, elation, and the general lostness of creation.

Danced by:

Malinda Lavelle, Nick Korkos, Aline Wachsmuth, Kye Ecklin, Daniel Oliver, Adam Peterson, Peiling Kao, Mo Miner, Celine Alwyn, Alex Jenkins


Bay Area Reporter Review
July 2011

"Even more mysterious was the fantastic success of a choreographic collaboration by no less than four dance-makers – Kara Davis, Manuelito Biag, Katie Faulkner, and Alex Ketley – presented at Z Space (in the converted factory formerly known as Theater Artaud) by the Westwave dance festival.... There were many events along the way, some of them absurd, with cameo appearances by each of the choreographers. What was most impressive was the sustained mastery of tone – one episode followed another like new landscapes appearing on the drive to Stinson Beach – each emerging naturally, some sunlit, some in very deep shade, but the mood and quality of the movement were somehow always exactly right."

Culture Vulture Review
july 2011

"Every program offered something unusual. At the top of the list was "Terra Incognita, Revisited," a collaborative work combining the skills of Manuelito Bing, Kara Davis, Katie Faulkner and Alex Ketley. Although the project began in 2009, the more recent event "aspires to realize new ways for choreographers to come together to develop and explore ideas." The result was delightful. Dancers spoke about their concerns—e.g. "Let's begin again," and/or had fits about what came next or the collaborative process.  Between comments, some excellent dance phrases were performed, once helped by the choreographer on stage (Davis), another later issuing orders from the house (Ketley). Dances conformed, gave their all; then they revolted, always presenting the work in a straight-faced, yet hilarious fashion. Kudos are due them all.”

San Francisco Chronicle
March 2012

An atmosphere of casual collegiality pervaded the crowded ODC Theater on Monday night as the Bay Area dance world gathered for the 26th Annual Isadora Duncan Awards, affectionately known as the Izzies. Alex Ketley, Kara Davis, Katie Faulkner and Manuelito Biag, whose collaborative effort "Terra Incognita, Revisited," which debuted last year on a WestWave program, took home top choreographic and company performance honors.”