Independent Project

The Wish for Even Ground


Created for North Carolina School for the Arts
and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago 2. (2005)

Recommissioned by DanceWorks Chicago (2008)

Choreography by Alex Ketley

Music by Otis Redding

Performed by:

A joint cast of members of Hubbard Street 2 and Advanced Students of the North Carolina School for the Arts.



Kudu Gazette
March 2005

In a stunning finale of winter term, the NCSA Dance Department made a beautiful display of grace and virtuosity in the Winter Dance Concert this past weekend. The dancers of Hubbard Street 2, a Chicago-based troop of six dancers who spent three weeks in residency here at School of the Arts, joined performers from both the contemporary and ballet departments for a diverse display of style and skill. Despite having less than three weeks to rehearse, ballet and contemporary students alike danced with beautiful intensity to the soft tunes of Otis Redding in Ketley's "The Wish for Even Ground." With a six-person cast of Rhodes Elliott, Amanda Rentschler, McKay Montz, Erica Jimbo, Brandon Whited, and Chelsea Ainsworth, the Sunday performance proved both the dedicated skill of the talented dancers and the aching beauty of the piece's choreography."