Early work




The fleshing Memory

The Fleshing Memory is about memory, about loneliness. Its narrative is no less powerful for being anything but linear. “The Fleshing Memory” is also dazzling choreographically, calling for bravura dancing as well as extraordinary concentration."

"The look of the piece by Christian Burns and Alex Ketley was both simple and impressive. The Forum’s vast floor space, with the audience on risers against the four walls, bore large video screens in two corners. Under each screen was a mountain of crumpled pink paper that from a distance looked like a field of poinsettias past their prime." — San Francisco Chronicle

Created by Alex Ketley & Christian Burns




Sea Green and Blue Already Rising

Commissioned By Alonzo King for his LINES Ballet
Choreography: Alex Ketley and Christian Burns

"An industrial styled multimedia look at the short voyage from loss to insanity. Set to text and music by Derek Powell, Sea Green blurred the line between theatricality and reality, projecting photographs that morphed into video footage." —Dance Magazine

Created by Alex Ketley & Christian Burns




Current Form

The second part of what eventually would become a trilogy, Current Form looked at the California Coast for its initial inspiration. The piece was almost entirely created outside of traditional dance studios and was presented both in traditional theater settings as well as Gallery Spaces.

Created by Alex Ketley,  Christian Burns and Sandra Stringer




Salt Flat Pieces

Alex Ketley and Christian Burns drove from San Francisco to the Bonneville Salt Flat on the Utah Nevado border and spent a week videotaping and improvising in the desert. This was the first project that they pursued, and it ended up staging the direction for a five year exploration about how the environment affects the generation of movement. The piece is lonely, stark, beautiful, and young.

Created by Alex Ketley & Christian Burns